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2 min readJan 9, 2023

eCommerce has been a bridge between retailers and customers thanks to the constant development of the internet and technology devices, such as smartphones and computers, creating an extremely attractive and also effortless playground.

So, what is an eCommerce store?

If you don’t have basic knowledge about eCommerce, you won’t know where to start. Furthermore, mastering your eCommerce store is not that simple when each source you can find gives different information.

Fortunately, with over 6 years of helping many customers get used to eCommerce platforms, we’ve covered everything you need in this article. And we promise you won’t take more than 15 minutes.

Let’s dig into it

1. What is an eCommerce store?

eCommerce history

First, to understand eCommerce store meaning, we will go through a bit of eCommerce development history in the world.

Consumers have known to buy online widely since the mid-90s, a milestone marking the rise of channels providing services and products like eBay and Amazon. Since then, the number of users on online services has increased rapidly. eCommerce has gradually entered people’s lives. You may also have been involved in this kind of transaction but accidentally ignored what it was.

eCommerce store definition

Here’s what it looks like:

eCommerce is simply an exchange between a buyer and a seller (goods or services) over the internet where its forms are either B2B, B2C, C2C, or C2B. This process includes using the internet to make purchases, transfer money, data to make these transactions, etc.

And the eCommerce store is where these transactions take place. In other words, as a seller, you will manage the catalog of goods, advertise, consult purchasing, sell, provide payment options, and update shipping orders, etc. at your online store. Businesses of an eCommerce store on Facebook are also popular now.




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