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2 min readJan 11, 2023

As the worlds of business and eCommerce undergo a rapid digital revolution, one element that has had to adapt swiftly is how we communicate with our consumers. Email and phone were the primary contact center solutions just a few years ago. Customers today want greater service and more immediate communication. Find out below the top best live chat apps eCommerce platforms.

1. What are live chat apps?

Live chat is the little chat bubble that appears at the bottom right corner of most websites. It’s set up to allow you to start a live chat with customers as soon as they land on the website by asking a question (such as, “How can I help you?”).

Best live chat apps, which are usually included as part of a help desk package, allow you to swiftly reply to consumer concerns via your website. Live chat software is a low-cost solution to increase customer service and sales. Furthermore, a dependable chat service improves client satisfaction and brand reputation.

2. Why do eCommerce businesses need to use the best live chat apps for their business?

Being available

Live chat means that you are present at all times. Visitors to the site can contact someone who can help them in a matter of seconds. This can significantly reduce wait times and increase client satisfaction with the brand.

Because of the short response time, consumers prefer to use chat applications for initial interaction. According to Facebook, 35% of consumers ask companies inquiries about a product or service, while 33% inquire about store hours, location, or inventory. Consumers have already demonstrated a definite trend in their chat app purchasing habits.




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