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1 min readJan 6, 2023

If you’re a successful eCommerce brand, you probably know that nothing does better than eCommerce personalization in helping customers feel special and then loyal to your brand.

As online consumers become more and more demanding with choosing the best products, this makes this market more competitive than ever. Everywhere, we can see online stores selling similar quality products, and prices are also not much different. So how will customers decide?

The answer, at this point, will depend on their personal experience at each website they visit.

What we learn here is, whoever creates the better eCommerce personalization wins. This condition is not limited to anyone, whether it is a luxury brand or a low-capital start-up.

You might be thinking:

“When I’m struggling to make ends meet every day to generate revenue, why should I take the time to take care of each one among your few customers like what big brands do with so many supporters?” And “I should focus more on key activities like sales or PR, etc.”

If you have that mindset, then we have to give you some sad news that your start-up will never be as big as the businesses you are comparing.

For more reasons why personalization is important in eCommerce and more eCommerce personalization ideas for your online store, scroll down to the smaller sections.

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